Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Waiting Place

by Ruth

So far as I know, nobody has ever been eternally pregnant.  Eventually, one way or another, the baby always comes out.  But I bet that most pregnant woman, by the time they get to those last weeks, have the sneaking suspicion they are going to be the first to break the rule. 

About 6 times a day I am convinced that Ruvina is just not going to be born.  She seems to be totally content with her living quarters, just hanging out and experimenting with the power of her muscles and newly ossified bones on my insides.  A few months ago I pictured her as a tiny superhero, ready to burst out with fist in the air.  Now I picture her lounging back, thumb in mouth, thinking, "Why spoil a good thing?  I think this whole birth deal is overrated."  She's never coming out!

And it's still a week till the due date!  Imagine how I will feel if I'm still sitting here just as pregnant in another week or even--the HORROR--two weeks.

All this waiting.

It's like being engaged.  I didn't like that very much either - I just wanted to get on with it and get married.  But at least I knew when it was going to happen.  There was no, "maybe it will happen tomorrow...maybe in a couple more weeks."

It's like sitting in the airport waiting for a flight that keeps being delayed.  You're just waiting.  Watching the board.  Listening for another announcement.  They can't come out and tell you, "We're sorry, this flight will be delayed 5 hours."  Instead it's 15 minutes and another 15 minutes, each time giving you a false hope that maybe this time we'll actually get on the plane.

Do you get the sense I'm feeling impatient?

RUVINA...I just want to meet you.  Everyone wants to meet you.  You will be a star.  We will dress you in soft, cute clothes.  You will have plenty of room to kick around, but we can wrap you up tight if that would make you feel more at home, too.  We'll take care of you and be really, really nice to you.  It's not a bad world out here.  Don't you want to give it a try?  (Today is an awfully nice looking day, by the way.)


Anna said...

Nice, very nice. Maybe Ruvina just needs to hear that she's going to have awesome aunts (even if none of them are there at the moment...). I DO hope that you are not eternally pregnant...

Candy said...

And she'll have a grandmother who will spoil her! The sooner she comes, the longer she'll have to be spoiled :-)

Joe said...

Then she has to come to China so she can make Beryl broody(er).