Thursday, February 28, 2013

7 Point Summary

I don't feel like writing a real post, so you'll have to settle for a fake one at the moment.  Since we last checked in, here's what's been happening:

1. An eventful trip to Thailand.  Lots of running in airports.  Check out the last post for more details.

2. A relaxing few days on the beach.  We even enjoyed the rain, something we rarely see in Yinchuan.  Collected some fabulous shells.  Built sand houses for Minnie Mouse.  Splashed in the pool.  Buried Juliana in the sand.  Things of that sort.

3. Encouraging conference.  Juliana loved childcare and never wanted to leave, a pleasant change from last year.  Interesting discussions, catching up with friends, and hearing about what is happening around Asia.  Mexican food.  Dental appointments.  Not necessarily in that order.

4. A less eventful trip back to China, including a bumpy/curvy 3 hour bus ride careening through the mountains.  Not my favorite.

5. Meeting up with my parents in Xian!  Visiting with half a dozen friends and former students from Weinan.  They were all excited to see us and showered Juliana with stuffed bunnies, balloons, and bags of snacks.  She was quite receptive.

6. Returned to Yinchuan with my parents.  The weather has been much warmer than last year when they visited, so they've been able to see more of the area.  Grandpa, Yaya, and Juliana have been busy forming a mutual admiration society.

7. Next week we start back to classes.  Although our holiday has been epically long, I'm not at all ready.  What language was it we are learning?  Next week my parents will also have to return to America.  Remind me to check their bags for any small stowaways.

I don't want to upload a bunch of pictures, so just click on this handy link to see all the ones Kevin has already put on Flickr:
The Beach in Thailand

Grandpa and Yaya Visit (plus Lantern Festival and Weinan Students)