Friday, September 3, 2010

Blog Recommendation

by Ruth

I am excited because this year, some of my good friends from college have started teaching in China!  Chip spent one year in China just after graduating, but this is Mallary's first time.  They aren't exactly close to us but if you live in China, just having someone in the same country is a good deal, even if they are an overnight train ride away.

Chip and Mallary have started a blog, and I thought you might want to check it out.  So far they have been updating it very regularly as they get settled in.  Chip also includes some interesting little facts and news about China.  The things they share will probably have a lot of similarities to our lives as well, since they're doing very similar things, just at a different school.

In the next few months I'm guessing our lives will get pretty busy, and we might not be updating quite as regularly.  So if you want to supplement your blog reading (say, you like to read blogs when you are procrastinating), I would suggest you check theirs out!

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Anna said...

What does it mean that I was procrastinating in the first place when I read this blog... and then theirs?