Monday, August 25, 2008

T-Minus 10 hours

By Kevin

We're there. Well, not THERE, but our bags are all packed. We're under the required weight limits, and ready to go drive to the airport bright and early at 6:30 Monday morning, then take three flights (Atlanta-Chicago-Beijing-Xi'an), watching the extravaganza known as the Olympic Closing Ceremonies, oohing and aahhing at the spectacle of a countdown in fireworks, bicycle helmet clad drummers, one-wheeled glowy bikes, vertical runners, foating red banners and statuesque white-painted mimes. The London part isn't quite as impressive so far....I mean, transforming double-decker busses are nice and all, but psychadellic umbrellas, lipsynching pop stars in ginormous dresses and a really old Jimmy Page kinda pales in comparison to the spectacle the Chinese created. Almost seems like the Chinese worked on their part for four years and England worked on theirs for a month....

China definitelyy raised the bar for the Olympics.

Anyway, I thought this might be a good chance to share the comments former students shared about the Olympics in recent days:

"We are very, very excited," wrote a former student. "A lot of people do their best to make efforts,we hope this Olympics can give a very good memory to all the people, we hope people can see a new and developing China, during Olympics, we see a lot of stories, some of them happen during the players, some happen during Chinese and some foreigners,they are very excellent."

"I am very glad that you enjoy the Olympic games in China," wrote another. "It's really wonderful. But I think it is a pity that you haven't in china during the OLYMPICS. Beijing is more beautiful during that time. I have tried to be a volunteer for the game, but unfortunately I failed. Now I have been watching it everyday."

A third wrote, "Of course we all saw the Beijing Olympic, especially the Opening Ceremony. It's very successful, and that brings great pressure to London Olympic. All the athletes performed well in this Olympic games."

Anyway, all that to say, while the prospect of 30-some hours of travel (door-to-door) isn't particulary appealing, we are excited to head back to China and glad to have you along for the journey.