Saturday, August 23, 2008

Repacking Again

by Ruth

Three days left before we head out, and we've been working on packing again. I must say, we're getting to be quite experienced at this whole process. I packed my bags up yesterday and was delighted to them find several pounds under limit (even after buying a brownie mix, two boxes of mac and cheese, and a bag of chocolate chips). I have decided to add a box of Multi-bran Chex. I was pleased that the new black shoes I bought to replace my old black shoes are not only more comfortable, they also weigh a lot less. Yet another reason to avoid heels. Who needs that extra weight?

Kevin's had a bit harder time packing because for a while he didn't have any suitcases. His bags, which have lasted through several years of international rough handling, got all bashed up on the way to back to Georgia. One was torn and the other had a bent frame. Thanks Delta. After a good 40 minutes of arguing whether they were damaged enough to qualify for a "damaged luggage claim," the airlines said they would fix the bags and send them back. Kevin got a call about a week later to say they were so badly damaged they couldn't repair them; instead they would send new bags of the same kind. Good deal! Thanks Delta. Unfortunately, they also said that the bags may or may not arrive before we left for China. Slight problem. We were quite relieved when the new suitcases did come with days to spare, and Kevin was able to commence with repacking. He bought several bags of tortillas and a couple of baseballs to bring along. So far he seems to be okay on weight too.

We on the other hand, have put on a few pounds as we try to eat everything we might possibly crave in the next year: pulled-pork bbq, pizza, Chick-fil-a, burritos, Rice-Krispie treats, biscuits, donuts, fried okra, bagels, milk... It's hard to fit it all in. Hopefully once we get to China we can establish a more reasonable eating routine, at least until we go to Thailand and the food craze starts all over again.

I am also trying to scarf down as many books as possible. I sat in front of my bookshelf last night and was very sad. I have so many good books. I want to sit down re-read about half of them right now. Instead I have to settle with lovingly browsing the shelves and book hopping. I am currently reading three books, and I just finished a fourth. It's hard to settled on just one when I know I won't see them again for a long time. Once I leave them behind, I think I will re-read
Till We Have Faces for the sixth or seventh time, since I haven't re-read it yet this year. I am looking forward to what it will be like this time. It's always nice to have a familiar book in an unfamiliar place.
Except I just remembered that the book is inconveniently packed at the bottom of my suitcase. Oh well, I'm sure I'll have to repack again anyway.