Wednesday, November 18, 2015

41 Good Points of Pregnancy

So I’ve already mentioned (um...maybe several times) that there are a lot of things I don’t enjoy about being pregnant. I just have a hard time with it. But in the spirit of Thanksgiving and also because I’m feeling pretty miserable at the moment, I’ve been working on a list of things I actually do enjoy about being pregnant.
  1. The first glimmers of hope - “I think I might be pregnant! Maybe? Yes, I definitely feel pregnant. Almost certainly perhaps.” (Of course this is only enjoyable if you actually do end up being pregnant.)
  2. Seeing those two lines confirm your suspicions, and freaking out a bit no matter how “certain” you were.
  3. The first days when it is still a secret and you look back at the test about 100 times
  4. The first week or so before the sickness sets in
  5. Telling everyone about the baby and getting to enjoy their excitement
  6. The relief of a first reassuring appointment
  7. Hearing the sound of your baby’s heartbeat
  8. The first sign of an actual baby bump
  9. Knowing the numbers on the scale are supposed to be getting bigger each week
  10. The first time you realize you haven’t thrown up in a few days!
  11. Not having to fish stray hairs from the shower and comb
  12. Waking up in the morning feeling in awe of a rare night of restful sleep
  13. The ridiculously bizarre dreams
  14. The first time when everything is so new and exciting and everyone treats you like something super special
  15. When you've been through it before and don’t have to freak out about every tiny twinge
  16. Preparing a pretty nursery you will never actually use
  17. The way food really can be deeply fulfilling
  18. Finally getting your taste for coffee back and remembering how much it enhances life
  19. Thinking about baby names
  20. Feeling the first fluttery movements
  21. Making it out of the first trimester, then hitting the halfway point, then finally reaching the final trimester.
  22. The way you can really appreciate feeling good for a few days
  23. How good it feels to put your sore feet up
  24. Prenatal yoga. It’s so soothing. Except perhaps when two wild children are climbing on top of you.
  25. The first time you can see baby doing the wave in your stomach
  26. Feeling justified in closing the door and taking a nap. For the good of all humanity.
  27. Talking to your midwife about pregnancy and birth and whatever. Feeling reassured and supported in all things.
  28. Allowing yourself indulgences like more expensive milk and cheese
  29. Buying a really cute coming home outfit (for baby - you'll probably wear jammies)
  30. Maternity clothes - so comfortable and somehow more fashionable than regular clothes. Probably because they came from someone else.
  31. Commiserating with others who really do understand how you are feeling.
  32. Kisses and pats (and jabs) for baby from interested siblings.
  33. Reading birth stories (actually I do this anyway, but it’s even more interesting when pregnant)
  34. The sense of great accomplishment when another week finally passes.
  35. Not feeling too bad about giving random strangers icy glares. They probably deserved it.
  36. That one time when it really does end up being your last prenatal appointment.
  37. The way people are really nice to you at the end, partly because they feel bad for you and partly because they are a little afraid of you.
  38. Crocheting lots and lots of baby hats and booties because you’re still waiting for baby
  39. The people that don’t say, “It will go so fast. Get some rest. Enjoy the last days of pregnancy,” but instead say, “Oh I know, it totally sucks and will feel like FOREVER. Can I get you some chocolate?”
  40. Labor. No really, much as I dislike pregnancy I kind of look forward to labor. And I actually did even before my super speedy last birth. I wouldn’t say it’s fun, but it’s such an amazing experience.
  41. Finally holding your tiny wailing baby and realizing she already knows you because she has been a part of you. ...And also the happiness of not being pregnant anymore!

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