Sunday, August 11, 2013

In the Land of Biscuits

Let me begin with a shocking confession: it has been days - days - since I last ate guacamole.  As I think about it, it seems a little sad but I haven't actually missed it too much.  We can in fact buy guacamole in Georgia, but one of the real benefits of California is knowing people with avacado trees in their backyards.  It's probably the reason so many people live there despite the crazy gas prices.  That and something about the good weather.

I have been surprisingly lax in my avacado consumption, but I have had some really good biscuits and cornbread so it probably makes up the lack.  Somehow biscuits just taste better in the South; it must be the humidity.  I've actually been enjoying this thick, Southern air, even though I've grown accustomed to drier climates (after 24 years of humidity, can you believe I've lived in semi-desert areas for the past 6 years?).

After two weeks of relative health we all succumbed to colds once again.  Juliana bounced back pretty quickly (she has an enviable immune system), but after more than a week Kevin and I still show no signs of improvement.  My last cold/sinus infection lasted 4 weeks, but Kevin usually gets over colds pretty quickly.  Apparently our sinuses are experiencing some severe reverse culture shock.  So while August in Georgia is usually a bit oppressive, right now walking around in a giant humidifier is pretty soothing.

The day after we got to Georgia I got to see my midwife and was reminded of how much I love her.  She chatted with us about my cousin (whose baby she delivered 4 years ago), her husband and son's recent trip to China and how she has somehow ended up with a large Chinese clientel - both graduate students at UGA and people from Shanghai coming to have their babies in the US.  She answered our questions and talked about how much she likes second births.  She joked about only accepting second time moms because the labors are usually so much faster and you already know what to expect.  The practice now has three midwives on rotation including a new one we'll meet next visit.

Other than the doctor's visit, we really haven't been anywhere or seen anyone except my family since coming back.  One day we'll get over these colds, hopefully in time to see my cousin and good friend before they have their babies the beginning of next month.  Two of my sisters are at home, though, and Juliana is having a wonderful time bossing everyone around.  She would definitely enjoy communal living.

In between resting and blowing my nose (I'm really enjoying tissues with lotion - good job America), I also unpacked our suitcases, something I never quite got around to in CA.  All our clothes are nicely organized on closet shelves like we actually live somewhere!  I also made several to-do lists, including things we should probably do before the baby is born.  By the time I made the lists I was too tired to actually do anything on them, but at least now I feel organized.  Top on my list of things to do, once I actually get feeling better:
-Get henna (priorities, right?)
-Borrow baby stuff (she may end up in our bed for the first months anyway, but it would probably be good to get the carseat before she comes)
-Buy baby diapers (we bought some super cute one-size cloth diapers in China, but since they'll probably be too big the first month or two, we're planning to buy some newborn prefolds as well - still cheaper than a couple of months of disposable diapers)
-Write a newsletter (It hasn't been the greatest year for newsletters, but we should probably write one in between the last "guess what we are having a baby" and the next "guess what she's here".  What can I say...there's been maybe one month out of the last eight that I haven't been sick.)
-Eat more guacamole. (That wasn't actually on my to-do list, but maybe I should put it there.  I have really been slacking off.)

Next update: Why I love Midwives, The Benefits of Tissues with Lotion, or A Social Commentary on the Giant Size of American Shopping Carts.  Or perhaps I will just write a newsletter.


Nate and Molly said...

See, reading your blog is good for so much more than catching up on your family news -- got my humor fix in for the day too.

Qufu2010 said...

So glad to hear you are feeling organized and settled! Miss you, friend.