Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why bother with toys?

Juliana's list of items that are more fun than toys.
  1. A large package of diapers
  2. A laundry basket
  3. Laundry (clean or dirty)
  4. Wash clothes, rags, dish towels
  5. Any box larger than herself
  6. Any box
  7. Plastic containers
  8. Phones
  9. Anything that looks like a phone
  10. Remotes
  11. Spoons, ladles, whisks, knives (she wishes)
  12. Large water jugs
  13. Shoes, the bigger the better
  14. Shoes, the dirtier the better
  15. Hats, gloves, face masks, ear muffs – preferably someone elses
  16. Keys
  17. Computers
  18. Any electronic object (the more expensive the better)
  19. Any object with buttons
  20. Grown up books
  21. Make-up brush
  22. Mama's hairbrush
  23. Lamps
  24. Broom and dust pan
  25. Pieces of paper (the more important the better)
  26. Pencils and pens
  27. Purses, bags, backpacks, grocery bags (reusable, not plastic)
  28. Any type of food
  29. Anything packaged
  30. Curtains, blankets, and pillows
  31. Moveable and/or climbable chairs
  32. Drawers and cabinets
  33. Water in any location (the more fully clothed the better)
  34. Yogurt container with small hole and straw
  35. Tissues
  36. Anything in her diaper bag
  37. Stairs
  38. Anything small enough to choke on
Which leads me to wonder...why does she have so many toys??

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Nate and Molly said...

This post made me laugh.

I tend to get tired of our 'toys" and end up just pulling stuff out of the kitchen cabinets. Uh oh. . I'm really setting myself up for trouble, aren't I? :)

Sometimes I think if the Ingalls girls only had 1 toy or doll a piece, then do my boys really need toys?