Sunday, October 16, 2011

The 10 Steps from Spoon to Mouth

For yeah!  I love eating!
by Ruth
I was wondering when Juliana would start getting interested in feeding herself. She likes eating finger foods, but she has been perfectly content to have someone else shovel the spoonfuls of mushy food for her. It's faster that way, and so far, getting as much food in as short at time as possible seems to have been her primary goal. But a few months ago, those people who tell you what your baby is supposed to be like said, “Now your baby doesn't want you to feed her anymore; she only wants to do it herself.” I should know not to pay much attention to what those people say, seeing as they are the same ones who said, “Your baby is now sleeping through the night” months and months ago, and we all know that didn't happen.

Very important tangent: For a full three weeks now - - - - Juliana has been sleeping through the night!!!! Can you believe it? Not just that, she has gone from waking up 2 to 6000 times a night to sleeping for 11 hours! It's incredible! 20 days! (well, technically minus a couple of teething days). If you are wondering how long I will be counting the days, well...we had 371 days worth of not sleeping through the night, so probably for quite a while.

Back to the original subject: So for a few months I have been wondering when Juliana would take an interest in feeding herself. And all of a sudden the other day, she decided that she didn't want me to spoon in the food anymore; she was going to do it herself. I can see why she was hesitant to try this because it turns out, spoon feeding yourself is quite a complex process. It goes something like this:

Step 1: Take/forcefully grab spoon from mommy with one hand.
Step 2: Flip spoon over upside-down (flinging half the food onto the floor)
Step 3: Transfer spoon to other hand.
Step 4: Sweep spoon back and forth across tray several times (losing the remaining food in the process)
Step 5: Pick up food from tray by hand and redeposit into spoon.
Step 6: Aim spoon in the general direction of the mouth.
Step 7: Move spoon and mouth in opposing circles until they somehow coincide.
Step 8: Shove spoon into mouth, rotating it 360* to actually get the food off.
Step 9: Chew on spoon for desired span of time.
Step 10: Remove spoon from mouth and bang on table for a while. Repeat

At you may have guessed, it is not a quick process. The advantage is that I now have time to eat too!

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