Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Day in the Life of Juliana

6:30am - Time to rise and shine! Play! Talk! Enough of this sleep stuff.

By morning I am usually in mommy and daddy's bed, so sometimes we get to play as soon as we wake up.

Playtime! I have so many fun toys. I especially like the ones for chewing. Of course, I'll chew on anything.

Sometimes I "talk" Grandma Yaya, Grandpa, Nana, and Gramps on the computer. I don't really understand what's going on, but mommy and daddy point a little video camera at me and I do my best to perform all my new tricks.

After a few hours, I'm getting pretty tired from my early morning wakening and mommy says, "Naptime for tiny babies!" I try my hardest to wiggle my way out of her arms and keep yelling that I don't want to nap, but eventually I give in and fall asleep. Sometimes I even sleep in my crib!

When I wake up, daddy holds me over my little potty...well really it's just a little pot, but it's the perfect size for me! When he whistles, I know what to do! It's pretty fun.

Time for eating! I still like mommy's milk best, but this whole food thing is a fun new way to play. Today I'm having some squash and oatmeal. Mommy thinks it should go in my mouth, but I know better - it's much more fun all over my face and hands and chair and floor and mommy's shirt...

More playtime! This time I do a little hopping in my "Juliana Jump-up."

I'm not tired. I'm really not. But the soft music is playing and I'm sucking on my pacifier and daddy is bouncing me around, so maybe I'll just close my eyes for a minute... But none of this crib stuff this time. I insist on daddy's arms.
I like to go on walks in the afternoon. Sometimes we walk around the school and see lots of adoring fans, eh, students. Sometimes we walk out into the fields where everything is turning green and pretty.

Time to eat some more food!

Did I mention that I love bathtime! More playtime! But in the water! I love to splish and splash - and eat my ducky. :)

Storytime! I like feeling the books and trying to eat, um...I mean,  turn the pages.

I hate to admit it, but I'm getting a little sleepy...
Night-night. Sleep tight. Will you miss me? Don't worry - I'll wake you up again in a couple of hours!

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Nate and Molly said...

Don't they make some sort of sleeping pill for babies? I mean really! ;)

Seriously, Juliana is the cutest baby ever. I wish I could see her. I don't wish I could be there at night time with you. Then again, it will be my turn in 12 weeks or LESS! I'm terrified of the whole no-sleep thing. I hope that by the time I'm going through that, Juliana has grown out of it!