Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby's First Words

We have a couple of little baby books we got from a baby store here.  They have pictures of some basic things and words in Chinese and English.  I have "read" through the books with Juliana a few times and she really enjoys it.  She likes the different tones of Chinese, which I guess makes sense since even we tend to use sing-song voices when talking to babies.  She laughs when I say the Chinese words - I will presume it is because she likes the sounds, not because she's laughing at my poor pronunciation.

The books include a lot of basic words, things like tree, chair, fruit, open and close.  Then we got to the page with cigarettes and beer.  Because those are must-need vocabulary for every young baby.  What??

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Anna said...

HaHa... that's awesome. It sounds like Juliana has a good collection of books with which to start off. =)