Friday, March 25, 2011

6 Months Old!

Hard to believe our little girl is already six months old!  Hard to believe how much our lives have totally altered in six months.  Hard to believe how hard it still is.  Hard to believe that any other baby could be quite as great as ours is. :)

Juliana is now rolling over, jumping in her Johnny Jump-up, deftly grabbing toys to gnaw on, and squealing in a multitude of pitches.  She recently started eating some solid foods, and seems to like the rice cereal, bananas, and sweet potatoes she's had so far.  She particularly likes helping out with putting the spoon in her mouth (i.e. Smashing it into her cheek, smearing food on her fingers, and flinging it on the floor). 

We love finding ways to make her giggle, like giving big dramatic kisses, swinging her in the air, and blowing raspberries on her belly.  She still hates to sleep and likes waking up practicing her new noises...every hour.  She enjoys seeing new people and being admired.  She likes being naked even though it's too cold for that. 

Naked time!!
Oh, and she has started using the potty after naptimes!  We aren't going full-blown split-pants method, but we are doing some casual 'infant potty training/elimination communication' and Juliana seems to be picking it up quite well.  Probably because she's brilliant.  No but really, I have heard that babies brains develop while they are in those light stages of sleep, and since Juliana dwells mainly in those stages, we're probably going to have a genius on our hands.
Thinking profound thoughts

So I thought I would share a few new pictures just in case you forgot how cute she was.  Happy Half Birthday Juliana!

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