Saturday, October 2, 2010

Baby's got a Passport!

At 10 days old, baby has her first passport.  Probably the first of many.  The funny thing is, when we went to the post office last week to apply (at 5 days old), they said she was not the youngest!  The guy said he's had a 2-3 day old before.  A bit of a disappointment.  I'd like to know what that baby was doing breaking our record.

Seriously though, how did they do that?  We were still in the hospital at that point.  And getting the passport is a bit of a process.  First, you have to make sure the hospital files the birth certificate information right away.  The day after we got home from the hospital, Kevin went downtown to get authenticated copies of the birth certificate.  The next day, we headed to the post office.  But still - 5 days.  Apparently we're slackers.

Oh, and in the middle of that were a lot of attempts to get a baby passport photo.  How hard is it to get a newborn to lie on a white background with head straight and eyes open?  Very difficult.  Especially when she's still at the point of opening her eyes about 5 minutes a day.  And then there filling out the forms and decisions like eye color, hair color.  All rather relative.  By the time the passport expires at age 5, I think she'll look pretty different from five days old.

So baby's first non-medical outing was to the post office to apply for a passport.  Sounds appropriate.  Other monumental events in the first two weeks include a first real bath a few days ago.  Juliana was surprisingly chill through the whole thing, at least until it was time to get out.  She's gotten to hang out with Aunt Becky and Aunt Anna and meet her great-grandmother.

And later today, she will get to meet her second set of grandparents and great-grandfather for the first time!  Other than that, it's just been lots of eating and pooping and sleeping, with a healthy dose of fussing and a few fun smiles mixed in.

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Clay said...

Oh My she is soooo cute. Happy for yu both. Pam in Henan