Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Pictures

Here are a few spring pictures.  The first three are from a walk in the fields behind campus, which are all green with wheat.  The trees have been blooming and everything looks much more beautiful than normal.  In the third picture, you can see our school in the background - the big white building where we teach, and the tan buildings (behind the tree) where we live.  

The later pictures are from a bike ride with students on the north side of town.  There are some pretty pastures near the river as well as boggy area used for growing lotus root.  The muddy man is using a high-powered hose to help dig out the lotus root.


KFell said...

the last one is so cute!

wynd said...

1. LOVE that you are representing with your Siam Scuba shirt. :)

2. I found lotus root in OKC. It was the highlight of my week!! It was already peeled, boiled and vacuum packed -- straight from the PRC!