Friday, December 4, 2009

Chinglish - Predeter mined

We just got done with a busy evening. Last week during office time one of my students asked: "Can we come and visit you at your department (sic) sometime? Our classmates visited last year, but we couldn't come."

Interpreting this to mean she wanted to visit our APPARTMENT, I said, "OK, how about Friday?"

So we were expecting those three or four students to come. We thought that perhaps we'd play a game. When we opened the door, there were no less than FOURTEEN students standing outside. Most were our students, but a few were tagalongs from other majors. Thankfully, they didn't seem to notice our shock. They were too excited about their first trip to a foreigner's home. A typical night in the lives of the famous foreigners of Weinan. Good times.

Chinglish book update:

For those hoping to order a copy of my Chinglish book: Chinese + English= Chinglish, I just got an email from Blurb, the publisher, saying that if you use either of these coupon codes, you'll get free shipping: BLURBSHIP or BLURBMERRY. But the offer is only valid through Dec. 8. Since the Christmas delivery deadline is Dec. 10, may as well get it shipped to you for free...

Go here to find out about the book:
or, if you have a copy of the book and would like to comment on it, you can visit here:

Ok, enough shameless self=promotion. No more (not-so-subtle) hints that you should buy it (you should :-)).

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