Sunday, May 10, 2009

Old Woman Enjoying Shaanxi Opera

Shaanxi Opera is a special form of grating Chinese music that the old people here are quite fond of. Every weekend and most weekdays in the main city square, you can find groups of old people playing traditional Chinese instruments. There's generally a man or woman singing traditional opera (if you've ever heard Beijing Opera, aka Peking Opera, you get the idea). The other day, I even spotted several musicians practicing in the outdoor dining area at McDonalds (I wish I had my camera that day).

I just uploaded a bunch of photos of people playing and enjoying Shaanxi Opera in the city square, in addition to shots of the Sports Meeting, our trip to Xi'an a couple weeks ago and other stuff to flickr. Check them out here:

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KFell said...

that old lady is so happy :-)

So, I just wanted you to know that I mentioned your blog on my blog for a silly little blog award that my friend passed down to me. Feel free to continue the chain of giving the award (as outlined on my blog), or you can just feel special for getting it, and call it a day. Either wei. ;-)