Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Cute Little Sophomore

Yesterday one of my cute little sophomore girl students spit on the floor of the classroom (in the middle of class) and then wiped the spit away with her shoe. This is why we take off our shoes inside the house. That and the small children (and men) peeing on the sidewalk.

Tonight the same student was talking to me in the office. She is always very friendly and tonight was excited because her roommate had braided her hair and shown her how to wear makeup. She is from a small, poor village where her family grows peanuts. Her uncle was the first person from the village ever to go to university. She is currently the only person in her village that is going to university. “I am very lucky,” she said. Especially lucky since she has two younger siblings, one of whom is a boy. Many times poorer families will save their money to send the boy to university since they feel it is more important for boys to get an education. So yes, she is quite lucky.

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Anna said...

So when I first arrived in India (as in within the first hour) and we met up with Shobha and Jimmy at the airport (at 4am...), Shobha saw some random guy spit in the middle of the airport (which is perfectly normal there too) and she proceeded to walk over to him and give him a 5 minute lecture on why he should not spit inside of buildings and demanded that he go and tell 5 of his friends the same thing. It was pretty amusing.