Thursday, January 1, 2009

Southern Migration

By Ruth
And we're off! In half an hour, (hopefully) we will have started our migration to warmer climates. By tomorrow evening we'll be close to the equator. We'll probably be sweating. It's gonna be great.
First we are going to spend three days in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), then six days in Cambodia (Siem Reap, where Angkor Wat is, and then Phnom Pehn, visiting some friends), and then we will head to Thailand. So that gives us five flights, two buses, and four countries in the next 10 days. It'll be a little busy, but it should be really interesting too. We'll be adding two new countries to the list!
We'll be in Thailand for the remainder of the trip. Kevin will be taking classes for two weeks in Chiang Mai while I hang out and *technically* get a lot of work done on my distance learning class. By the pool or in a little coffee shop or sipping a coconut smoothy. :) We will have our conference in Chiang Mai also, and then head down to the beach for a few days.
We should have internet for a lot of the time (especially the part when we aren't traveling insessantly), so we should be able to put up some updates. In fact, if I am hanging out in Thailand trying to avoid grad work, you might get a lot of posts from me! And we'll try to put up pictures of the cool places we get to see as well.
I love having a job that allows me to spend the entire month of January in a warm climate. If I didn't get to live my life, I think I would envy myself.


Anna said...

Ha, I can totally beat that. I got up one morning and had 4 countries down before I went to bed the same day (please discount time-zones in the midst). And it was only 2 car rides, 1 bus ride, and 3 flights later. =) Theoretically our goal was to see how many different countries we could have coffee in over the span of one day, but since 3 of them were in Europe that didn't work out so well because I couldn't afford coffee. =( I hope you guys have fun!

adam never said...

i dont live your life and i am full of envy right now.

have a drink with a little umbrella in it for me.