Thursday, November 20, 2008

Schedule tinkering?

By Kevin

Sometime earlier this week, rumors began swirling that the school might try to end the semester a little early. “I think the school wants to save money,” said one student. “They won't have to pay for heat if there are no classes.”

But naturally, that doesn't mean fewer classes, it just means they'll be clumped closer together for awhile. Word is, they want to make up a week of classes on the weekends so that students and teachers can go home early and have a long Spring Festival holiday.

“We will finish classes before Christmas,” another student said, excitedly.

So it might be an adaptation of what they'll do sometimes before a holiday, when we make up Thursday's classes on Saturday and Friday's classes on Sunday, resulting in the famed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Thursday, Friday schedule.

Another student asked Christina: “Will we have class this Saturday? Our instructor said we would.”

Naturally we don't know. We are generally the last to know anything like this. But seeing as how it is now Thursday night, I'm hoping they don't wait much longer to make a decision.

Not sure just yet if this means they'll want us to have classes basically every day for three weeks straight, without a break or if they plan to shift things around so we just make up one day of classes each Saturday for several weeks in a row.

But, all said, it probably all amounts to nothing for us: our contract says we get two day weekends, so probably our organization will insist on the school holding us to that. I have a feeling everybody else is gonna be staggering by Christmastime.

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