Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

by Ruth
I finally put up some new pictures on flickr! I hope they actually show up, because our internet is really slow and they had a hard time uploading. Most of them are pictures from our Yangzhou visit. So Anna, you can finally check that photo page and not be disappointed.

I had my students act out the story of the Pilgrims in groups with some very funny results. A few took quite a bit of creative liberty. One of the groups was discussing whether or not they wanted to go to America.
A: We are going to travel to America.
B: But it will be very difficult and we don't know what will happen.
C: Why don't we go to China instead?
A: Yeah, that's a good idea. Let's go.
So the Pilgrims ended up in China...

Some others went to America but were a little confused about the time period.
A: Look at those American girls! They are so fashionable. They must have some good shops here.

Some of the Native Americans and others of the Pilgrims introduced themselves as being from Weinan or Zhengzhou and said, "Let me tell you some things about Beijing. It is a very famous city with the Great Wall..." Hmmm.

It was funny though, and I was happy that they were creative. I have been feeling thankful for my students. Teachers in America would kill to have students like this.

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Anna said...

Yeah for new pictures AND new blog posts! =) Question, though (since Flickr still won't let me sign in...) - wasn't Ashley in Weinan, not Yangzhou?