Thursday, October 16, 2008

The bird in our wall

By Ruth
So we have this plastic drinking bottle that is filling a hole in our office wall. It sounds strange, I know, but it works well. There is a round hole that would have an A/C cord going into it, if we had an A/C unit. But since we don't, we thought we'd fill the hole in the wall so fewer mosquitoes and spiders could get in.
Today Kevin heard a noise in the wall, and when he looked, he saw a bird sitting on the outside part of the bottle and a little brown spotted egg on the inside. It's crazy. It must be a pretty small bird because water bottle openings aren't that big. The egg is almost as big as the opening. We have a little bird growing in our wall, with only a clear plastic layer layer separating it from us. I hope it hatches and we get to see that. I wonder what kind of birds lay eggs in October? I thought that was more of a spring activity. And there is no nest - just an egg. In a plastic bottle. In our wall. How cool (and weird) is that?


Anna said...

Gee, if you were homeschooling kids it would be the perfect educational opportunity... =)

Ginger said...

Hee hee! They've been living in that hole for a while. We used to have paper cups blocking it and the other holes. We could hear the birds twittering and scratching around in there, and occasionally pecking at the cup. Last spring shortly before we left, however, the birds managed to peck the cup right out of the hole. It scared them out temporarily, but we replaced the cup & they came back. It's cool that you get to watch them. :-)