Thursday, August 7, 2008

The two blogs shall become one

By Ruvin

We warmly welcome you to our new, combined blog. Since we will both be in the same place doing a lot of the same things, and since many of the same people read both of our blogs, we decided to combine.

This new updated version includes:
*More frequent posting (hopefully)
*Two unique perspectives
*Fantastic photos
*The color blue
*Exciting stories
*And a bit of the usual randomness

Not only will you get the benefit of two people's perspectives, you will also be able to enjoy two different writing styles. We will sign our names at the beginning of each post to let you know who wrote it, but you could probably tell anyway. Writer Kevin contributes a journalistic style, delving into the cultural significance of events. Ruth provides a personal memoir type style, with random, often unimportant, but sometimes interesting glimpses into daily life. But sometimes Kevin writes personal stories (say, how he met his lovely wife) and sometimes Ruth writes cultural stories (for example, about Stinky River).
We hope you will enjoy this new and improved version and virtually visit us regularly during our time in China!